Warsaw is a beautiful city full of contrasts, but that is what make it so exceptional.


Warsaw is the biggest Polish city as it comes to both population and area. It is not only the capital. Warsaw is the center of Polish political, economic and cultural life. It is a thriving city, very dynamic and lively. It has so much in offer, that everybody can find something for themselves.
After the World War II the Polish capital was almost entirely destroyed – about 90% of the city was rebuilt after the war. At the moment in Warsaw there are almost 1500 registered monuments and historical treasures, memorial places and tens of museum. Every corner of the city is connected with a piece of history. There are also many excellent artists, poets, famous writers and scientists connected with Warsaw.
For art lovers there are plenty of different art galleries and exhibitions. Movie enthusiasts will find over 30 various cinemas with Polish and foreign movies. What is more there are also cyclical movie festivals.
Theatre fans also won’t be disappointed. It is a place where National Theatre, Opera and Concert Hall are localized. There are numerous alternative, puppet and music theaters in the city. Moreover the only Jewish Theatre in Poland is located in Warsaw.
Music lovers will be amazed with many music festivals, concerts and contests that are organized throughout the year.
If you prefer an active way of spending spare time you also have many options to choose from: sport clubs, bowling alleys, swimming pools, paintball or climbing walls are only a few. Water sports amateurs can go windsurfing, kayaking or boating. Extreme activities fans will also be pleased – they can try parachute jumping, bungee jumping, flying in a wind tunnel and many others. Cyclists have at their disposal many bike paths and growing number of bicycle rentals.
For those who visit Warsaw to shop or party there are also many places to go. There is a large number of shopping malls and hundreds of nightclubs, pubs and bars – from famous ones that are visited by celebrities to students’ lounge bars, karaoke bars or small alternative pubs.
Contrary to appearances, Warsaw is very green city. Parks, gardens and squares are about ¼ of the city area, which puts the capital in forefront of the most green European cities.

Visit Warsaw, get to know its history, experience its uniqueness and extraordinary atmosphere and have an amazing adventure that you will never forget!