Weekend in Warsaw – what are special deals? – PL

Weekend in Warsaw – what are special deals? – PL

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It has provided various services at affordable prices during the weekends for the benefits of people who are living in and visiting the city. The shoppers have always experienced pleasant shopping in the city during the weekends.

Deals Provided During the Weekends

Hotels provide best deals during the weekends. The deals are being provided based on the two seasons which are the high and the low seasons. It was witnessed that the deals are much more effective during the high seasoned weekends. A 2-night stay in the hotels of Warsaw charges just 69 Euros. The night stays in the hotels comprises the connections and the breakfast complementary services for that rate in the Saturdays and Sundays.

Warsaw Museum Visiting Charges during the Weekends

Being one of the capitals in the European continent, the city provides all the services at low cost. The cost involved during the visits to the museum and the other fascinating places are lower compared to the other capitals in the same continent. It was identified that visits to the museum are 69 Euros lesser than the other cities in the continent.

Weekend in Warsaw – what are special deals?

Find All Products and Services at Reasonable Prices in the City

The city has created a milestone with respect to the services and products offered during the weekends. The availability of the products and the services are higher and is being provided at amazing prices during the weekends.

Price Match Guarantee

The price match guarantees are provided by the organizations in the recent years. Despite, providing the services at affordable prices, the customers are provided with an option to compare the prices of the services catered by the hotels and tourism organizations with the other organizations and can bargain to reduce the prices during the Saturdays and Sundays.

Discounts Provided By the Hotels during the Weekends

The hotels and the tourism organizations provide discounts and packages for the tourist during the weekends. The basic lunch for the people starts from 7$ (USD) during the weekends. The lunch encompasses a simple meal and a drink to meet the requirements for the customers.
weekend in Warsaw – deals

Tourism Organizations Provide Packages during the Weekends

The tourism organizations provide the packages at outstanding prices during the weekends. The packages encompass a 2 night and 3 days stay in the weekends. The organizations provide a tour guide in order to enable the visits to most of the places such as Royal Castle and The palace of culture and science deck.

Visit the Palace of Culture and Science Deck during the Weekends

Palace of culture and science deck is one of the tallest towers in the city. The charges to the visits of this place vary for weekends and weekdays. Adults are charged 20PLN during the weekdays, during the weekends they are charged 15 PLN.
weekend in Warsaw – deals

Weekend in Warsaw – what are special deals? - PL

Royal Castle Visit during the Weekends

Royal Castle is one of the heritages of the city and is being visited during the weekends on a high level. This heritage is located in the castle square and the place is visited by almost 500,000 people every year. The entrance fee for the place during the weekends is 2.50 Euros during the weekends for the adults.

Sightseeing Pass Provided For the Weekends

The Sightseeing passes are being offered to the tourist during the weekends. The Warsaw sightseeing passes are provided at affordable prices for the benefits of the tourist of the city. This pass shall enable the tourist to visit various places of the city without entry fee charges. The people possessing the pass do not have a necessity to stand in the queues to purchase the entry tickets.

Seasonal and Temptation Attractions during the Weekends

Both the seasonal and weekend offers provided in the city have attracted a wide range of people and tourists of the city. The seasonal offers and the weekend offers in certain places such as the Dragon Den have provided tickets at 3 PLN during the weekends for the purpose of the satisfaction of the tourist people and the local people of the city.

Therefore, it is clear that Warsaw city has set a milestone in providing services at the affordable prices.

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