Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

Flyspot is the first wind tunnel in Poland. If you want to feel free like a bird there is no better place to go. It’s simply a vertical tunnel with a fan in the middle which create an airstream of speed up to 310km/h. This feeling is comparable with parachute jump, but a lot of people prefer the wind tunnel since it is less dangerous and still gives you a feeling like you are jumping from four thousand meters. It is place where you can feel like the gravity doesn’t exist and finally make your dreams about flying come true.

There are offers for beginners and kids, called Junior Starter and also for those who have done it several times already. Flyspot also have an option to book the wind tunnel for organized groups. This place can help you stop the monotonous weekends and offers to try something different and have fun with your family or friends.

Make your dreams about flying like a bird come true!


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