The Copernicus Science Center

The Copernicus Science Center

The Science Center is located on the Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie at the Vistula and is opened since November 2010. It is the biggest center of science in Poland. Its broad offer is appropriate for visitors in every age, from small children to adults.

It is a place for many interactive displays, which focus on different science areas, such as the motion, humans and the environment, civilization, light, psychological and sociological phenomena. What is more, many live experiments and shows take place there and the visitors have the chance to learn about them by taking part. Since 2011 there is also a planetarium, Copernicus’s Sky, where different shows and films about the universe are displayed.

Thanks to its modernity and different topics from all areas of life, the Copernicus Science Centre is an excellent entertainment for everybody, and visitors can learn while having fun.

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