The Old Town

The Old Town

The Old Town is the historical center of the capital and the oldest part of the city at the same time. It was set up in 13th century. During the II World War the Warsaw Old Town was destroyed almost entirely and reconstructed after the War. It is the only place in the world that was in such a scale rebuilt completely after disastrous destruction that have reached about 90%.

There are many monuments and historical places on the territory of the Old Town. Its central part is the Market Place with King Sigismund’s Column – the oldest and highest monument in Warsaw from 1644. Another historical treasures localized on the Old Town are: Royal Castle, St. John’s Cathedral and lots of old town houses.

The Old Town in Warsaw is an amazing place – it combines history with modernity. Right next to antique buildings you can find the modern art gallery. It is a place perfect for long romantic walks or sightseeing. It allows to have a rest from the city noise and absorb the uniqueness of Warsaw.

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