The Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science is the highest Polish building and probably the most famous one. It was constructed in the years 1952-1955 as “the evidence of eternal friendship and a gift of the Soviet Nation to the Polish people” from the initiative of Joseph Stalin.

The Palace has 42 floors, 231 meters in height including the spire and there are almost 3300 rooms there. It is a seat of many offices, Congress Hall, Dramatic Theatre, Museum of Technology, Children Palace, Studio and Lalka Theatre, Cinema, Swimming Pool and many others.

The Palace of Culture and Science is a very controversial building for many habitants. Some of them love it and can’t imagine the city view without it and others don’t like it and have negative connotations with it, as it is in some way a symbol of the oppression. Undeniably it is an integral part of the capital and it would be hard to imagine the panorama of Warsaw without it.

“Architectural blend of socialist realism, art deco and Polish historicism, is controversial since its inception.”


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