Coctail Bar Max

Coctail Bar Max

Cocktail Bar Max is obviously a cocktail bar. But what makes it different from many other bars in Warsaw? What will surprise you inside is that there is no menu. They have only “drink of the week”, that is a little bit cheaper that other cocktails. So, how to choose your drink? Well, practically you don’t. You talk with the barista about you preferences and the taste that you would like and he prepares the cocktail specially for you. It is a great solution, because in that way you make sure that you get exactly what you want. Every cocktail is also decorated with colorful fruit.

Cocktail Bar Max is one of the most famous cocktail bars in Poland, because they have their places in few Polish cities, not only Warsaw. Their unique approach and huge choice make it really worth visiting and tasting a cocktail made especially for you or one of 800 kinds of whisky they also offer.


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