Pies czy suka

Pies czy suka

“Pies czy suka” – the name of this place can be translated into “Male or Female Dog” and was taken from a frequent question that the owners heard during walks with their dog. It is not only a bar. It a concept store divided into 3 parts – design store, designing studio and bar. At Pies Czy Suka Bar you can enjoy first-class cocktails prepared in accordance with the latest trends in modern mixology and cocktail classics from around the world. Pure Bar is the continuation of the owners’ approach to space and design – open, innovative and experimenting, but most of all of the highest quality.

For their cocktails they very often use unusual and unexpected ingredients, such as horseradish, egg white or dill. Even though it sounds controversial the taste is amazing! They also have a tapas bar with delicious appetizers and what is surprising is the form of the menu – you won’t see a traditional paper menu but interactive on a tablet!


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