The idea for the form of this Club was taken from long observations of the entertainment market. Sublime, artistic interior, interesting guests, excellent service and reach program of cyclical theme parties make Enklawa one of the best clubs in Warsaw. They make sure that they meet the expectations of their visitors, so that everybody will find something for themselves. On Tuesdays there is a ladies night, on Wednesdays the club proposes old school rhythms from the 70s and 80s, Thursdays are perfect for fans of black music, on Fridays the club usually holds some cultural events accompanied by club music and Saturday Fever is perfect for anybody who loves pop, house or R’n’B.

Marriott is also a perfect place for anybody who is looking for a beautiful, elegant venue for a business meeting or a wedding thanks to it 28,000 square feet of venue space with amazing Grand Ballroom which can seat up to 700 guests.

Enklawa creates the culture of our city. It sets its tone and defines what is fashionable and interesting.


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