Miłość Kredytowa 9

Miłość Kredytowa 9

Love is in the air, definitely in here, on Kredytowa 9, where old patio has changed into full of life place with music, food and movies. You can come here at weekends and choose where you want to party: whether on the first floor or the second. Different music, excellent atmosphere, so it’s safe to say that everyone will find something they like in here.

But during the week, you are very welcome to sit here, drink coffee, have a dinner or just meet with your friends and talk. Miłość is not just a club, it is much more. A better name for it is a “concept space – apart from amazing club, you can find a barber shop, gallery, coffee shop and music shopthere. You can also take part inorganized workshops, movie shows, concerts or yoga classes. You can never be done with this place, there is always something going on and owners never stop inspiring people by creating more events each month.


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